Before you look for a mover, you're looking for a home, but many things tend to go overlooked as you survey potential new residences. As leading Manhattan movers, Morgan Manhattan has seen the disappointment of families when they arrive to their new home to find it is not what they expected. To help you make the right decision for your family, we've put together a helpful list of things to check for in your new home before you buy!

Touch everything – The only way to know if the wiring is working or the water runs smoothly in the shower is to test it.

Get on your hands and knees – Check crawlspaces for mold, go into the attic and make sure it is well insulated, check the heating ducts, and more. A home is made of much more than just the bedrooms and the design. To ensure your home lasts you, be sure that all of its insides are up-to-date.

Keep an eye out – We don't mean look for new paint jobs or cosmetic flourishes; we're talking about loose wires, old appliances, and other items that compromise the home's structural integrity or value.

Know your environment – Is this area prone to flooding? Is there a highway nearby? Living in a home also means living in a specific area. Get to know the traffic times, noise levels and the neighborhood's safety before you commit.

Dealbreakers – Your home should be a place that you're happy to live in. Choose your deal breakers before you view homes and don't let your real estate agent convince you otherwise.

If you've chosen your home and are ready for reliable Manhattan moving services to help you get there, look no further than Morgan Manhattan. We proudly offer cost-effective and high-quality moving solutions that can scale to fit any sized household. Call us or fill out our online form to request your free, in-home moving estimate.